Local USCF Affiliates, 2/06
http://www.uschess.org/directories/AffiliateSearch/ Cincinnati CINCINNATI OH. W.E.B. DUBOIS ACADEMY (USCF ID H6025060). Affiliate Type: Club. Contact: Jon Applebee. Contact Phone: 513-561-9624. email: chesscoach@cinci.rr.com. CINCINNATI OH. CHESSINNATI (USCF ID A6016203). Affiliate Type: Organizer. OCCASIONAL SUNDAYS. BORDERS BOOKSTORE, CINCINNATI OH. Contact: DOUGLAS DYSART. Contact Phone: 513-706-2508. Club Phone: 513-706-2508. Address: PO BOX 499006, CINCINNATI, OH, 45249-9006. email: dougdysart@hotmail.com. Web Site: www.chessinnati.com, Club Membership Not Required, Casual Play, USCF Rated Events, Unrated Events, Blitz Events, Bughouse, League Play, Matches, Sets Available, Clocks Available, Book Library, Chess Items for Sale, Classes Offered, Lectures Offered, Chess Camps, Private Lessons Offered, Simuls Offered, Under Age 18 Welcome, Beginners Welcome, Shogi (Japanese chess). CINCINNATI OH. CINCINNATI COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL (USCF ID H6011235). Affiliate Type: School. TUES 3-5 PM, CINCINNATI OH. Contact: C/O MIKE ANDERS. Contact Phone: 513-561-7298. CINCINNATI OH. JUNIOR MASTERS CHESS LEAGUE (USCF ID H6018758). Affiliate Type: School. THURSDAYS 3-4:15. ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC SCHOOL, 8939 MONTGOMERY RD, CINCINNATI, OH 45236, CINCINNATI OH. Contact: DAN CUPRILL. Contact Phone: 513-794-0345. CINCINNATI OH. SYCAMORE HIGH SCHOOL (USCF ID H6010341). Affiliate Type: School. EXT 213, CINCINNATI OH. Contact: KEITH BRACKENRIDGE. Contact Phone: 513-686-1770. Club Phone: 6518. Hamilton HAMILTON OH. HAMILTON CHESS CLUB (USCF ID A6012672). Affiliate Type: Club. Tuesdays 7-10 pm. Miami University, Hamilton Campus, HAMILTON OH. Contact: Edward Keller. Contact Phone: 513-941-6497. email: keller@one.net, Club Membership Not Required, Casual Play, USCF Rated Events, Ladders, Under Age 18 Welcome, Beginners Welcome, Refreshments, Handicap Accessible. Middletown 0 records were found. Oxford 0 records were found. Dayton DAYTON OH. DRIVER DIRECT CHESS (USCF ID A6011637). Affiliate Type: Club. TUES 6-10 PM; FRI 7-MID. 18 WEST 5TH STREET, DAYTON, OH, DAYTON OH. Contact: RILEY DRIVER. Contact Phone: 937-461-6283. “Cincinnati” as part of the name: CINCINNATI OH. CINCINNATI SCHOLASTIC CHESS (USCF ID H6018032). Affiliate Type: School, CINCINNATI OH. Contact: A. K. PUGH. Contact Phone: 513-583-7639.

Ohio Shogi Club

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