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Ohio Shogi Emails ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you very much for the Sayonara party. I truly enjoyed it. Yukie also had a good time. I especially liked the Honarary Ohio Shogi Meijin title. I will treasure it for the rest of my shogi life. Also, I enjoyed the shogi cake very much. That was the first and the best shogi cake I ever had. Thank you very much. After I go back to Japan, I will try to keep in touch with you. If you need any shogi material, let me know. I will help you get them as far as I can. I will try to video-tape the shogi programs and send it to you. Let me know whose game you want to see. You might want to see a game played by lady pros like Funato 1-dan. If there is a game like that on TV, I will record it and send it to you. I hope Ohio Shogi Club will keep growing and become a big power in the U.S Shogi scene. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for OSC. Thank you very much again for your friendship and hospitality. I hope to see you again in the future. Kazu Yoshimoto ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Joshua James Baruch Krekeler -Nick Names: Joshie, Joshems (obsolete), Joshie Fresh (high school), meow (childhood), "Killer" (shogi) -Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio -Birthdate: November 6, 1971 -Lucky number: 81 works nicely these days as a reminder of the number of squares on a shogi board. -Favorite food: Pad thai for its endless possible variations, which tend to be spicy and often include cilantro. -Funniest or craziest person you know: Doug Dysart (Ohio Shogi Club) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ robert alan hess -Birthdate: 27aug62 -Most humiliating moment: waking up in a strange house 3 doors from home with a hangover. the owner (a nice lady 50 years my senior) was as surprised as me. +++++++++++++ Subject: Text for OSC flyer SHOGI is a Japanese board game similar to chess. The object is the same: checkmate the king! But the pieces that you capture don't stay off the board -- they come back into the game to fight on your side! The Ohio Shogi Club has members from the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas. We will soon be an official chapter of the U.S. Shogi Federation. Even though we're one of the newest shogi clubs in America, we've been represented at several national tournaments over the past year, including the U.S. Shogi Championship. We hope to take even more members to other shogi events -- and host a couple of our own -- during the rest of 1999 and 2000. The next U.S. Championship tournament will be held in New York City in March or April 2000. In addition to our own knowledge of the game, the Ohio Shogi Club has shogi magazines with game scores, books of mating problems, and videotapes of televised games between professionals. We will also have a strong presence in the U.S. Shogi Federation's newsletter, scheduled to debut this summer. Shogi is much more popular in Japan than chess is in America. Professional players compete for seven major titles throughout the year, and games are regularly broadcast on television. Some television stations even sponsor their own shogi competitions for the pros! The game owes some of its popularity to the excitement of "drops" -- instead of moving a piece on the board, you can drop a captured piece on an empty space. This feature dramatically increases the number of possible moves. Many games end in furious counterattacks where one tempo is the winning advantage. The Ohio Shogi Club enjoys strong support among Cincinnati chess players. We meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-11:00 at the Cincinnati Chess Club, on the basement level of the University YMCA at 270 Calhoun Street in Clifton. We have occasional weekend meetings in a variety of locations, and OSC members can also be found at Fluid Moves Chess Club, open seven days a week at 4000 Montgomery Road #2 (across the hall from Fluid Illusions), and the Parkway Chess Club in the Deer Park High School library on Thursday evenings. [DD - you might want to cut this down to "Where to Find the OSC" or something and just list places and times. It's up to you.] CONTACT INFORMATION For information about shogi and upcoming OSC meetings, call Josh at 241-3370 or e-mail Doug at [E-MAIL ADDRESS OF YOUR CHOICE]. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: "r.a. hess" just between you, me and the (douggy dee) lamp post: ram forfeited on time to steve. he simply refused to stop playing tetris and come on out to the board. this is the kind of thing that is a little frustrating, when someone doesn't take the competition seriously (whether in the running for a prize or not) enough to put up a valid fight in every game. we all blunder, (except djd) but we try to win. the worst thing about this is that it actually affected the prize fund, by giving steve a fourth round, full point bye (instead of a 50%-50% shot at a win). i'm really encouraged by tuesday's turnout. i used to have the feeling (as i'm sure you and doug did too) that if 2 out of 3 of us didn't make it to a shogi event in cinn., the thing would be cancelled! :-) now it looks like we've reached critical mass (bearing in mind that j applebee wasn't available) and can have a quad any time we want, with almost no planning at all. we even got george f*(&%#^@ marino to come down from chicago!! but enough about me...... i would probably let ram's results stand (including the 'furigoma' first rounder against steve i.) and you'll probably have to leave in the fourth round debacle as well. your chances of sneaking a fourth round draw past kaufman , rlrarry-san are about as good as getting the additional $2.50 out of steve that he would owe you because you took clear second. the additional 5 min base control wouldn't improve MY play any, so send 'em in & try to get ratings for these guys out here. besides, we'll have braggin' rights in the quarterly (fastest growin' club outside of japan, and that's no joke!) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: Leslie Kish & Joshua Krekeler Just Tsume! The Flaming Silver Open (well, not *flaming*) Cuckoo for Kakus Gote is OK! The 4-dan who Nifued (or the Ni-dan who Nifued) Fear of a Shogi Planet The Shodan who Shagged Me Shogi Man Takes Pussy Show Me the Shogi (may have been used already? Or is it just played out?) House of Shogi Ramming the Horse Floating Dragons Horses & Dragons The Wild Bishop(s) Open Flaming Crab (kind of silly 'cause the Crab is a castle -- sorry, Doug), I'm just glad nobody thought of the possibilities for the bear in the hole. My top seven choices are House of Shogi, Just Tsume!, The Flaming Silver Open, The Shodan Who Shagged Me, Shogi Outcasts, Fear of a Shogi Planet, and Wild Bishops. I like Ranging Ram too, and Ramming the Horse also enjoyed some popularity during our discussion. Anyway, nothing is decided with any certainty yet, so we welcome any additional ideas you'd like to throw in. +++++++++++++++++++ P.S Doug, if you want to obtain the official dan(1 or 2 though)from the Shogi Association, I know the easiest way. But there is one problem. To get officially qualified, you must "buy" it. Do not get confused. It doesn't mean that you lubricate people with $. You take an exam(attached to a book which costs $9) and they evaluate your answers(100pts all). If they recognize you as a dan player, you are entitled to buy the certificate. I slightly remember the prices(1-2dan = $200, 3dan=$400). I'll tell you my secret. Though I am licensed to buy 3dan certificate, I have yet to buy it. Technically I am not officially qualified. When I was 19, I could not afford it. Moto ************************************************************** "Royal Conquistador" was George's title in a game club he was in when he was a kid. I didn't make it up. Thanks for your newsletter suggestions. I'll be sure to take care of number 1 when I talk to George tonight, and number 3 will be part of the ratings list. The last time we discussed it, the plan was to publish a complete ratings list in every fourth issue and a members-only list in all other issues. I will solicit items for number 2 from club contacts, but I think it'll be a short list! The problem is that club tournaments aren't usually organized until a couple of weeks (or days, or hours) beforehand. I'll try to work in 5 if there's space; number 6 will be part of the "USSF" section. One thing I must remember to include is a membership application with the different benefits listed on it -- probably on the reverse of the player profile so people won't mind cutting it out and mailing it. Just kidding; I think it'll end up on the back page, and people can photocopy it. I need to get in touch with Chiaki again to find out if he'll still write some instructional articles. I'm probably going to delay 4, 8 and 9 until the Spring issue. Number 10 will be a big project, definitely worth developing. When you said that size could be an issue, did you mean the size of the pages or the number of pages? It's going to be 8 8 1/2 x 11 pages, folded in half for mailing. We should talk about the player profile some time. Can you lend me the picture of you and Sugimoto tomorrow? As far as the OSC projects you suggested, I like the sound of number 3 :-) And, of course, I have some ideas. 1. a run-down of the New York club's ongoing tournament structure. 2. a list of all club and national tournaments (like Chess Life) 3. a list of the (best) non-Japanese players in America 4. a run-down of how to take notation in shogi (many styles!) 5. advice on how to start your own shogi club 6. a list of reasons to join the USSF as a member and affiliate 7. Chiaki Ito - nuff said 8. Japanese words that all shogi players need to know 9. DRAW - How does it happen?? Ji-shogi? 4-move rep? 10. History of American shogi Here's some other stuff: -each recipient's rating should be on the address label, and a label could be used for the USSF address -the size of this thing is an issue - smaller might be better OK, here's some interesting stuff that the OSC might want to consider. The following may be disregarded if you choose to do so. They're just some small ideas that could be good if we happen to have enough free time and justification to carry them out: +++++++++++++++++++ This evening we arranged a second mass distribution of our Swedish shogi leaflet on the occasion of the second basketballmatch in Sweden with Mr Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Mr Carl Johan Nilsson and I distributed 600 leaflets to entering spectators in Goteborg.Since I think that this is a good way of spreading knowledge of shogi, and I hope that similar methods for the popularisation of shogi will be used in other parts of the western world, I would liketo share some pieces of advice with you concerning shogi actions like these:* Include something valuable in the leaflet! We have included a briefhistory of shogi, the shogi rules, information about the Swedish Shogi Federation and our activities, and shogi on the Internet. Tryto minimize the number of slogans.* A good type of leaflet is a folded A4 (or US letter) paper giving a fourpage leaflet. It is something handy to hand over and to receive. The smallersize increases the probability that the receiver will keep and read the leaflet.* Choose a non-ordinary event! People should have some extra expectationsabout the event. That means that the event will attract people from a wider area, who are willing to travel far. That also means that their minds are more open than for an ordinary event. And that will be needed if they happen toreceive a shogi leaflet!* Look into the eyes of the receiver and do not hold out your hand with the leaflet constantly! Rather stretch out your hand when the receiver approachesyou and look confident. That will result in a reflex action, and in most casesthe receiver will grip the leaflet.* Be happy and keep smiling! Do not lose your temper even if you will receive some strange comments. What you do is the right thing!* If some people will through away the leaflet despite of all your efforts, thenstopthe distribution sometimes and pick up the thrown leaflets from the ground. If the ground is littered up with leaflets, then people do not like to receive aleaflet.I can really recommend you to make a shogi action like this. It is veryinterestingto study the reactions of people, and after a while you will be able to estimatethe probability for a successful distribution of a leaflet very accurately fromthe waya person looks, moves, is dressed etc.Finally then, does it work? Is this a good way to popularize shogi? Well, it isnot expensive,neither in time nor in money. More people will definitely know what shogi isafter the shogi action than before. In the end you will find that some persons will reachall the wayto contact you. Sometimes they want to buy a shogi set. Sometimes they just wantananswer to a question. And sometimes they want to become an active shogi player.Definitely, you will take one step towards making shogi more popular in thewest. Sincerely yours, Dr. Martin Danerud +++++++++++++++++++ I am currentlydeveloping my own site at geocities titled "Wasabi Central". It is functionalright now but I still would like to add more. Hopefully I will be able to addshogi stuff to it and get the attention of some shogi players out there whowould be interested in the OSC. I want to set up a link, (with your permissionof course) from my site to yours at http://www.oz.uc.edu/~dysartdj/page4.html.If you have any other links available than that would be great to. Do you haveany banners or such that I can use as the link instead of ordinary words? If soI'll use it. If you want you can check out my latest additions to my site at www.geocities.com/tokyo/teahouse/2350/kool.htmlHope you enjoy. Take care and I'll talk to you soon. Oh yeah do you have ICQ? IFso my number is 16938976. Take careBrandon +++++++++++++++++++ Bookwise I'm not a ton of help. I have the complete run of Hodges' magazines, but only the one set. To pick up the whole set would be pretty pricy as I remember. I got mine in installments. Some of the material is quite dated, but there are still plenty of tsumeshogi I cannot solve. Tony Hosking's book I haven't delved into yet, but it looks to be the most in depth English book I've seen. He uses a different notation than most of us are used to I believe (boy I wish they would standardize it like they have seemingly finally done for chess - heck, just everybody learn the Japanese), but it's a must-have. Shogi for Beginners is also required reading, but I don't know if anyone still publishes it. Same goes for Better Moves.... This is Aono Teruichi's bilingual book, and it is absolutely excellent. I don't know that anyone has any in stock anymore. Another excellent one to dig up is on Patrick Davin's Shogi Nexus... "How to Defend in Shogi," by Ooyama. I"m sure you know him as THE player in shogi before Nakahara, who was THE player before Habu. That one is well translated, good diagrams, and great information. I don't know what other help I can offer. You can always see if Sam will cut a discount for multiple complete run orders of Shogi World of Ishi Press. I have most of them, but I don't remember them being at all expensive and they were decent. They did use annoying international symbolism in their diagrams, but that was the worst of it. It only ran for nine issues, and they're all little 16 page booklets, but there was good information in them. Tony +++++++++++++++++++ Great flier! Of course, it looks a lot like Mr. Masui's creation! ;-) Greattime-saving idea!There are a few things that I wanted to discuss with you. Some are related tothe Midwest Championship Tournament, some are not.Firstly, as a friend, I want to confidentially warn you about inadvertentlyexposing E-mail addresses over the internet [Ref., your MW Championshipannouncement on Shogi-L]. Last year, I was on the verge of proposing an USSFexpultion and bar against Sam Sloan when he secretly and repeatedly sent outprivate E-mail messages to many individuals whose names (and E-mail addresses,via copying the entire "cc" field) he had gotten from me in an inadvertentE-mail letter containing general shogi information. He went on and on, pesteringthese individuals, about many things for months and I had no idea that theseindividuals were getting such mail from him. Much later, when I found out theorigin of the mishap, I had to go back and assumme that ALL of the individualson that particular mail had been harassed by Sam, whether they were or not, andapologize to them for the inconvenience. Luckily, there are not many individuals, like Sam, who would consider doing such a thing. It can generally be assummed that the individuals listed in the "cc"field of this type of mailing are *not* on Shogi-L, therefore, you run the riskof having these individuals "targeted" by someone like Sam, in his "Bcc field",if he should want to voice an opinion (or more likely a complaint ;-)). You'dnever know about it (or think to include the same particular group ofindividuals in your reply) if he addressed only Shogi-L or you initially.Anyway, it is food for thought. I just don't want you to have to go through whatI went through at any point in the future.>6. Saturday is a 30/40s even tourney, and Sunday is a>20/30s handicap tourney.In the flier a 20/40 time limit is listed for the Handicap event. Last year,Larry and I had a discussion about the relative merits of 30/30 vs. 20/40, bothof which take about the same amount of time to play. In the end, we have come tofavor the 30/30 time limit. It's not important, and by all means feel free toexperiment with both, as we did for several years, but I just wanted to sharewith you the current preferences among the NYSC and DCSC.>8. USSF members will finally get that newsletter>(membership cards too?).YES! All systems are go! ETA for the newsletter I hope will be within 2-3 weeks(depending on Josh's schedule) and definately in time for your event. Manythanks for the publicity!The logo, which was necessary for the newsletter and membership cards is nowcompleted (actually, it's down to two similar designs and the final decisionshould be made tomorrow). If it's not too much trouble, I'd gladly display thetwo options so that we could have a show of preference for one or the other (andextend the decision process a little). Unfortunately, it was drafted using aMac, which most of us don't have, and it might not be so easy to do. In anycase, I'll check into it tomorrow.The same person that worked on the logo (free of charge), Ari, who is Mr.Ogihara's secretary and a professional graphic designer, is now working on themembership cards and looking into various card stock options. Regrettably, mostof the fancy, thin (or thick) plastic or professional ones, are way tooexpensive for us and we'll probably have to go with a PC (or Mac) generated oneprinted on good card stock (by regular printer), and then laminated. If thereare any suggestions on this topic, by all means, let me know ASAP.>Qualification for Participants: Amateurs must be currently living in theMidwest region*.Lastly, I noticed in the flier that the event is a "closed" one. Did you give much thought to this? Specially with the handicap event, I don't see any reason to exclude visiting players from other regions.Clearly you want the MW Champion, and winner of the trip to NY, to be alegitimate Midwest player, with a substantial period of residence in the region,but excluding participation completely for non-MW players, may not be necessaryto accomplish this.This is a policy issue that requires careful consideration and has not yet beenofficially addressed by USSF. In most European countries, at their NationalChampionship, organizers routinely mandate participant residency or citizenshipin their given countries. We have generally been more open in the U.S.,especially with respect to the U.S. Championship, and have only required a shortresidency minimum.The matter of allowing out-of-towners into a tournament where a "Champion" is tobe selected is a tricky one, because, even if those players are deemed ineligible for the "Blank Champion" title, individuals may still complain aboutthe pairings should, for example, a key legitimate contender have to play one ortwo strong visitors and another conterder none. This was an issue in theEuropean Championship many times.Good luck with the tournament!!Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding shogi-related any issues.Best regards, GeorgeGeorge I. Fernandez +++++++++++++++++++ 1. Mailer, mailer, MAILER. 2. See just how many Chicagoans are coming. 3. Push for some Columbus people to come. 4. Try to bring in the fringe players (see 1 above) Now, about that mailer: We should send printed copies of the brochure. Along with it, we should try to get an OSC newletter off with it. Yes, that's right, a real newsletter, but a BRIEF newsletter. After all, most western shogi players (me included) don't study much, and they aren't likely to read a lot of stuff *anyway*! Let's just get at least one page done, preferably front AND back. Whaddyasay? Cool, I'm ready. It should be easy for us to come up with some material about why OSC is the place to be and how great our future looks. Want to come over Tuesday evening and hammer it out in Publisher so we can give it to Duane Wednesday and say "Here's our part! Let's go!"? Heck, we could even do the CCC part (maybe). See below for more thoughts. There really should be no hesitation on the part of the OSC to utilize the CCC. Let's have a look at the situation: What's more, he will *appear* to be very opposed to something, but what he really wants to do is discuss the topic until he's practically filibustering by interrogating those who would push the project. Good point. I think we should do what we can to emphasize that the president doesn't have veto power or even the right to dictate a longer decision-making procedure than necessary. As long as everybody's notified of all proposals, what reasonable excuse can they make for not taking action on them once they have the majority's approval? If Duane wants things in writing, let's give them to him in writing and then I guess see what other delaying tactics he comes up with. On Monday I may have a tournament site! No kidding. We may be having CCC tournaments any day now. All right! Good luck. If you get any resistance from CCC about this, you can just put it forward as primarily a Chess Promotions venture and invite the CCC to jump on board as a sponsor/ organizer if they want to. Then, instead of a decision the chess club has to make, it will be an opportunity that they can either grab while it's available or allow to pass them by. However, I think it would be better to have them as CCC tournaments than not; I'm just impatient with Hans' inertia and Duane's apparent insistence on things being done his way or not at all. When we have the time, the will, and the means to do something (plus the votes to back it up), let's DO it! To get some ideas started, we could feature a game from one of the OSC's recent matches in the newsletter, if there's one without too many unsound moves -- you've got the scores, so let me know if there's one you recommend. I may also want one of those (or the same one?) for the national newsletter. The CCC page could focus on the Jackpot Blitz, any other events you've planned (do you have a calendar?), and our recent initiatives like Y Teens and reinstating Ram (okay, maybe not that one). By the way, has Ram been notified of the decision made at the last business meeting that, for the time being, he's not allowed to attend the club? It would be really funny, though, if an article went out about how happy we are to have Ram back -- it could be full of blatant revisionism, with a nice picture of everyone smiling and shaking hands, with a caption like "Liberty and Justice for All" or "Happy Days are Here Again." +++++++++++++++++++ >Hi Larry-san,>>Thanks for rating our events. Did you notice that the Ohio Shogi Club is>now the proud owner of the lowest rating in America - twice!>Both Mike Neumeier AND Duane Larkin are 47!! This is 15 Kyu, correct? Correct. It's>interesting that 15 Kyu goes from 0 to 200.> No it doesn't. I think you miscounted. It's from 0 to 100.>I have a couple of rating questions. First off, I made a boo-boo and didn't>get Rob Chenault's rating after the handicap event. I stooped at the even>one. Do you have his most recent rating?1295>>Also, do you know if Bob Hess and/or Josh Krekeler ever made it to 1300/3>Kyu? I don't know if you have records that go back that far.> On one list, Hess was 1313 and Krekeler 1343. I don't know if thoseare their peak ratings. 1300-1399 is the 2 kyu range, but you are supposedto hit the middle once to get the rank, though we didn't always have thatrule. We have them both listed as 2 kyu; I don't know if they actually hit 1350 or whether those were Ohio club ranks. All of these ranges may change shortly, as we're near agreement on a Pan-Atlantic system.>Thanks for all the help. Oh, and about the NY team match, I'm not strong>enough to play for Team USA, am I?> I don't know whether the whole USA will be one team, nor do I know howmany players will be available on the third day (a working day), so I wouldsay there's a reasonable chance. +++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for the inspirational note. I do love shogi, but I don't really play for competitiveness either (like Bob). There have been many times when I wondered if it was worth the trouble and distraction to keep going on. 1999 was such a bad year because of all the bullshit. I have a high tolerance for it, but I don't like it any more than most normal people. We need to make an active effort to minimize it if we're going to accomplish anything (I would say eliminate it, but I'm trying to be realistic). I'm not going to be part of your (and Ram's) chess schemes in the future. Don't even ask me to get involved. I don't believe in Ram's so-called violent tendencies either, but I do have a problem with his refusal to pay a debt of any amount that's more than ten minutes old, the selfish philosophy behind it, and the way he creates divisions between people -- so many different kinds of people that you can't put them all in one category. Think of those who have put you behind them for that one reason. Then there's the previously defined Ram Factor, which to me offers limited entertainment value and nothing more. It's just a way to use up lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of time. It's just a way to get old. Ram's enthusiasm and talent make him an asset to the club, but I think you exaggerate his value. The most reasonable thing you said to me in his defense was about his promotional experience, which has been an underutilized resource for the OSC, i.e. it hasn't been any help to us at all. I respect his past achievements, but until I see him accomplish something on his own, I have to believe he's all talk. I'm just speaking my mind, and if you think about it, you know I'm being fair. I'm sure you've thought many of the same things yourself. I am not trying to create a division between you. I love the fact that you love him so much, and I admire you for demonstrating your loyalty so openly. On the other hand, I resent the implicit message of the past couple of weeks that if I'm a true friend to shogi, I'll quit the CCC. I made a commitment to the chess club that I'm not going to abandon for the wrong reasons. I'm going to demonstrate my freedom of thought by showing that it's possible to support both causes without contradicting myself (something I know I've done enough of this year!). I can't stretch my concept of loyalty far enough to include supporting every stupid thing somebody does. The last two things I wanted to say to you are that your recent preference for melodramatic caricature over rational interpretation concerns me, and that in a parallel universe, John Miller might be your energetic shogi disciple. Or it might be Andy Mackowiak. Whoever it is, they're going to have their own sets of strengths and problems, and the best you can do is work to balance them favorably. Okay -- I'll see you guys at Papa Dino's! Josh +++++++++++++++++++ At 02:05 PM 12/15/00 -0500, Doug Dysart wrote: >Hey, I was just going back through the last email you sent me and >noticed that I just became a... 3 Dan!! Woo! >Doug Dysart >Ohio Shogi Club founder Congratulations! I expected that these results would put you over, but I wasn't certain. It does appear that some changes to the handicap values are called for based on this year's results; in particular it seems that our six piece value is too high. But even if we had used a lower value, you would still have earned your promotion in the subsequent event, since the table shows that you earned another forty points. Well done. Larry. +++++++++++++++++++ Please remove me from your shogi email list. Also, since you seem to be in contact with Rob Chenault a lot, please let him know that I would like $80 of my $120 three-year membership for Fluid Moves refunded. Thanks, Mike Neumeier +++++++++++++++++++ While your at it, if you happen to run into Dave Morgan, let him know that he still owes Tim Lake and I $20 each. He welched on us at the Congress two years ago, when we arrived at the hotel, he had no money for the room, intending to win but when he did not win, he quit the tournament and left. He gave the excuse that Rob Chenault was supposed to front him the money, but Rob never backed him. Fluid Moves all in all was a bad experience. Same old shit that happened at the old Cincinnati Chess Club, Irresponsibility pervading.

Ohio Shogi Club

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